Do I have to know how to paint or be a creative person?
NO!  Most people who come to classes usually say, “I’ve never picked up a paint brush in my life!”, yet they still do a wonderful job and have a great time while they’re at it. I’ve even had many new artists who have discovered a hidden talent they never knew they had.

Do you have to be 21+ to attend an Art Bar event?
No, our classes are open to all ages. We do offer a children’s class once a month for very young kids, but older children are a great fit for most of our classes.  This will vary with mobile events, but if you’re coming to the Art Bar’s permanent location, don’t worry!

Are we allowed to bring alcohol to an Art Bar event?
Yes, our events are BYOB.

Are your events open seating?
Yes. We have seating for 20 people — this the max number for our classes at the permanent location. You are allowed to sit wherever you’d like when you arrive.

I can’t make an event that I registered for, can I get a refund?
If you contact me at least 24 hours before a scheduled event, you can get a refund for an event you may not be able to attend! However, if the time frame is less than 24 hours, no refund is given. I do offer that person the option to use the spot they registered for another class!

How long does an Art Bar event last?
The time will always vary according to the specific class we are doing. Painting classes will range from 2-3 hours. The Nailed It! classes usually take around 1-2 hours.

Do I need to register in advance?
YES, yes, and yes! You must register in advance to reserve your space in class. You can do this by contacting me via Facebook on The Art Bar page, email, or phone! Check out the contact page for more details on that.

What should I wear?
You’re more than welcome to wear anything you’d like, but I do suggest clothing that isn’t too fancy — you will likely be getting some paint on you!

How many people do you need to have a private event?
Private events require at least 10 people.

Should I tip my Artist Instructor?
This is NOT a requirement, but you are more than welcome to do so!

Have a question that’s not on the list? Contact us via email, phone, or Facebook message!