About the Art Bar

The Art Bar began in January of 2017 and started out at the historic Salyersville Renaissance Center, right here on Main Street. I have always been an artist and growing up in Eastern Kentucky, specifically in the throes of extreme small town life, there were very rarely opportunities or engagement with those individuals who cherished the arts or were interested in pursuing activities related to them. I wanted so badly to bring back to the community I was born and raised in and provide an outlet to local artists or those interested in art. Thus, I began The Art Bar in high hopes that all the talented people of Eastern Kentucky would come out and enjoy themselves!

I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised and The Art Bar has moved on to bigger and better things, now with a permanent location in Salyersville, we offer a variety of amazing art classes each month, as well as local artist exhibits every single month. We also sell a variety of artwork and gifts. Thank you to all of those who have supported The Art Bar and I pray it will continue to grow and evolve with our little community.



Brooklynn Messer - Owner/Operator of the Art Bar

Brooklynn Messer

Owner/Operator of the Art Bar

Specialty: Acrylic & Watercolor Painting Classes

Hey y’all, I’m Brooklynn, owner and operator of The Art Bar, local artist, Salyersville resident, and instructor of all acrylic and watercolor painting classes. The acrylic classes take up most of what we offer, which are fast drying, fun, and offer a variety of interesting techniques! They are great for beginners. The watercolor classes are offered once a month and are very very fun and usually, abstract! All materials are provided and you will get to go home with your painting in hand!

Heather Owens

Heather Owens

Specialty: Nailed It! String Art Classes

Heather Owens is a local artist based out of Hazard, Kentucky, but originally from Salyersville. Specializing in string art, a throwback from the 60’s and 70’s. Heather makes it an easy class by providing a template and detailed instructions with all materials provided.

Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward

Specialty: Oil Painting Classes

Teaching our monthly “Oil!” class is local artist, Kelli Ward. Kelli is a native of Johnson County, Kentucky and a 2005 graduate of MCHS. A practicing artist for over 15 years, Kelli has experience working with most mediums, but oil paint is her specialty. Kelli finds influence in her surroundings, often painting still life scenes, birds and plants. Kelli has taken courses through Art Instruction Schools in Minneapolis MN, and Big Sandy KCTCS right here at home! She is currently a council member for the Kentucky Art Tribe and a member of the Salyersville Renaissance Art Guild, her work has been displayed in various galleries, including the Mountain Arts Center, The Painted Cow Gallery and currently here in our studio! Kelli is also an experienced mural artist, with three public murals in Magoffin County alone.